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Kinect Kids focuses on the holistic development of children through movement.



Why Kinderkinetics?

 In this day and age children are being exposed to far less movement than they were in the past. This is due to both the influence of technology and the removal of physical education from the school curriculum. Coupled with the rise in obesity levels children are not as active as they were in the past.                                                                                                                          


Movement is not only important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but physical activity also plays a critical role in the development of a child. Exposing a child to movement at a young age is crucial as it ensures that they will progress through all the various developmental milestones. These milestones include aspects such as midline crossing, directionality, bilateral integration, and coordination. All of these milestones are extremely important for later academic success. 


Kinderkinetics is a holisitic movement program that incorporates fundamental movement skills into fun activities.  Each session is specifically designed and progresses each week. This means that the program adjusts to your child's needs.


The belief of kinderkinetics is the development of a child holistically, while at the same time developing social skills and making the movement experience enjoyable for the child.