Kinect Kids

Kinderkinetics: Nurturing your child's potential

Enhances physical development

Supports cognitive development

Improves coordination and balance

Promotes a love for physical activity

Fosters social interaction

What exactly is Kinderkinetics?

Kinderkinetics is a holisitic movement program that incorporates fundamental movement skills into fun activities.

Each session at Kinect Kids is specifically designed and progresses each week, which means that the program adjusts to your child’s needs.

Why Kinderkinetics is important

Kinderkinetics is a specialised paediatric field dedicated to enhancing, stimulating and optimising your child’s neuromotor development. It is a great way to ensure that your child reaches their milestones through movement theraphy.

The Kinect Kids offering:

Baby Stimulation

General Motor Program



Kinect Kids offers an energetic injection of fun and movement into any child’s birthday party. We cater games and activities around your chosen theme. Entertainment is provided for up to 2 hours. Prices vary on the number of children attending the party.