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Kinect Kids focuses on the holistic development of children through movement.



My daughter has had weekly sessions with Kinect Kids for the past five years. The sessions have had a tremendously positive impact on her physical development. She has improved from a child with low muscle tone to a confident strong teenager. Kinect Kids apply a wide range of training methodologies, which they adjust to be age appropriate and to focus on specific needs. I receive comprehensive and detailed reports on a quarterly basis. Kim's friendly, motivational and deceptively easygoing manner made my daughter train harder than even she thought possible!  - Written by the mother of a remedial client.
My son (10) has been doing Kinect Kids for almost two years now.  It gives me peace of mind to know that all his muscles get a good workout at least once a week and I'm doing what I can to help him overcome his problems and develop optimally.  His handwriting has improved a lot and his self-esteem in general too because Kim is very empathetic and encouraging..  The cherry on the cake is that they are both blessed with the most amazing imaginations - the laughter emanating from these sessions can only be good medicine. - Written by the mother of a remedial client.