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Kinect Kids focuses on the holistic development of children through movement.



Kinect Kids offers


When we are born one of the best ways to learn about our bodies and the world around us is through movement. Baby stimulation is a program specifically designed for younger children (0-3 years old), which also incorporates aspects such as:

  • Body Awareness
  • Balance
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Rhythm & Timing
  • Locomotion
  • Coordination
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Bilateral Integration
  • Midline Crossing
  • Milestone Development
  • Baby massage

Due to the younger age, this program is generally conducted at a slower pace as this is to ensure that each milestone is reached. Children can be assessed on the PDMS to make sure that they are developmentally on par with their peers if developmental delays are present.



These lessons are used in a preschool or school setting. We make use of the above mentioned aspects in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Each lesson builds on the previous one and they are carefully planned and uniquely designed for each specific different group of children.


Children that show developmental delays can be tested on one of nine test batteries to determine the cause and to help determine the correct intervention program. 




This is our specialised individual movement program and is presented on a two-on-one or one-on-one basis. Sessions are 45 minutes long, and take place once or twice a week, depending on the need of the child.  


The individual nature allows us to be able to address specific difficulties, such as developmental delays, low muscle tone, ADHD, and children with disabilities.